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Sharpening Famoré Scissors

Famoré scissors can be sharpened FREE at in-person events or if brought to our office in Gainesville, GA. For a small shipping and handling fee, you can mail them in to be sharpened. The cost is $6. (You may include a check or cash, or provide an email address where an invoice can be sent.)

Sharpening NON-Famoré Scissors

We're more than happy to sharpen your favorite Ginghers or your grandmother's beloved sewing shears! These will be handled with the same care and precision as our Famoré items. The cost for this service is $1 per inch... 8" shear = $8. Reconditioning is included.

Sharpening Rotary Blades

YES! We can sharpen your dull rotary blades! (The one exception is non-branded blades. These tend to be made out of lesser-quality steel and are difficult to bring up to our standards.) We have a 3 blade minimum.  Famoré 45mm 400SK:.....$2/ea  Other brands 45/60mm:...$4/ea Famoré 45mm 400TC:.....$5/ea (no min.)

Sharpening FAQs

How long is the turnaround time?

Unless the guys are traveling and have the sharpening equipment with them, we will typically only need 1-2 business days to get your items mailed back to you.

How do I pay you?

If you'd like to mail a check or cash with your scissors, you may. If you would rather include a note with your email address, we can send an invoice once your scissors are ready to ship. 

Do you sharpen knives?

No. We do not sharpen knives, swords, or hair clippers. Some things can't be sharpened because they don't open wide enough to fit on the equipment (like gardening snips). Sometimes they can't be sharpened because they've been sharpened so much and there isn't enough steel left. We will not charge you for items that can't be sharpened. 

Do you sharpen pinking shears?

Yes! Due to difficulty and time, these are $10 regardless of size. 

How do I ship them to you?

Please make sure that any sharp edges are securely covered. Wrap scissors so that they aren't banging against each other in transit. A bubble mailer or a box; whatever you feel comfortable with or have on hand! Mail them to:

ATTN Sharpening Department

P.O. Box 1314

Gainesville, GA 30503 

Can these be sharpened?

If you aren't sure about the condition of your scissors, or if they are something we can sharpen, please send us an email with a picture and we'll let you know!

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