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At Famoré, we're dedicated to empowering makers and creators through education. We've been making significant strides in refining our curriculum strategies, as digital and in-person education is the gateway to any kind of craft. We have worked to create meaningful partnerships with conventions, brands, and educators in the cosplay, fabrication, and maker space. Our educational content prioritizes hands-on, interactive learning that covers diverse skill sets.


Check out below some of the dynamic educators we have worked with;

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The Cosplay Educators we have worked with have set a high bar and standard for this program. Below are some of the criteria we look for in potential new educators:

  • Expert knowledge on crafting topics

  • Multiple years in the cosplay community

  • Positive contributions to the cosplay community

  • Competed in cosplay competitions

  • Guested at multiple conventions in various roles

  • Published articles about their achievements

  • Active on social media with series detailing their builds

  • Self-promoter

  • Educational content on social media

  • Understanding of professional relationships

We are always looking to meet and work with new educators. Submit your information to us, including your social accounts, for consideration. 

Thanks for submitting!

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